About the Mangaka

Does Watase Yuu need an introduction anymore? Made famous by her Fushigi Yuugi series, and then the Ayashi no Ceres series. She’s well known and loved on both sides of the world.

About the Manga

imadoki 1 imadoki 2

Imadoki is one of my favourite manga, and one of the few short manga I’ve read that really didn’t need to be longer; but would of been great if they were 🙂

Licensed by Viz, I had high hopes for it, since their Shojo department is usually decent. Sadly, they fail to live up to expectations, or even their usual standard. Granted this only applies to the first two volumes, since that’s what I have at the moment (A further full overview of the series will follow, using the scanlations).

This series has a few funny elements that occur occasionally, and they haven’t translated well. The first is Tanpopo. In Japanese Tanpopo means dandelion, as in the flower. (Yes I know some people consider them weeds, I’m not one of them 🙂 ), however in this case it’s also the name of the main protagonist, Yamazaki Tanpopo. There are several puns over this throughout the series, that sadly were totally obliterated in translation, after the first one.

Next we have the male protagonist, Kugyo Koki, who speaks in kansai-ben when shocked. Again this is obliterated in the Viz version, and if Tanpopo didn’t mention it, there’d be no way of knowing what was going on.

There are other rewrites in the script that just feel out of place, and aren’t what the characters would say. As I said in another review, when translating Japanese to english, you can’t just do a literal translation, you have to consider who is saying it. Viz usually do a fairly good job at this, though far from perfect. However this time it’s like they haven’t really cared one way or another.

Another area they fail in is the way Yamazaki talks to people, she has a habit of giving them weird names. For example, she’s constantly giving Saionji Tsukiko weird names. Viz adds Ms and Miss, which just frankly reads wrong. This is in part because they remove the honorifics and try and replace them with Mr/Miss/Ms etc etc. Usually in manga this fails, however it fails really badly in manga where the main characters are all kids. I mean, did you ever go around calling your friends Miss Saionji or Mr Kugyo? I know I sure as hell didn’t.

Where they do gain a few points however is in the cover art, it’s beautiful, as expected, but then Watase-sensei’s art has always been exceptional.

The other thing that I was annoyed over, is that they removed the color pages, or rather changed them to black and white, sadly they just don’t look right as black and white, and detract from the whole experience.

I will eventually pick up the remaining three volumes, just to complete the series. However I doubt it’ll be any time soon, and they won’t be replacing my scanlation version either.

Where to Buy

As always, the Book Depository can serve you needs. However one of the volumes has to be shipped from the states, so may take longer to arrive.

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