WOW!! My initial post seems to have sparked a lot of controversy on other blogs and websites. Rather than making a comment on the original post, i thought I’d make a new post altogether 🙂

Firstly, why did i pick NCIS for my initial post? While its true that there are many groups making demands like their’s, they’re the first (that i know of) that has gone into a fight with Lurk over their releases.

So, onto the comments made: A Non E. Mus (highly original name there!!!) seems to think we’re all over reacting, though from his comment i don’t even he knows which side he’s on >.< At first he sides with NCIS then Lurk, then neither hehe.

Okay, lets clear something up. ALL manga scans are illegal, they breach copyright law. You can twist it anyway you want but it doesn’t change the facts.

So, does a group that’s breaking the law have a right to say when you can and can not download something? I’m not denying that they don’t work hard on their releases, as someone who’s worked in the scanlation world for a while i know well just how much work and effort is needed. However they seem to be forgetting the reason they were doing scanlations. They love manga and wanted to share it with others. So they came together as a group and started releasing.

The problem i have with NCIS is their attitude, they seem to think they’re better than everyone else. Their entire attitude over the the release issues is that they’re gods and everyone else is beneath them. They even just upped the forum post minimum….

I’ve used other groups that have had minimum posts to gain access to downloads, Viera and Condensation come to mind. However their staff aren’t arrogant and i found it enjoyable to post there.

yesim is another who thinks I’m being to hard on NCIS. According to him i need to respect them more for their hard work in bringing releases. Any group that puts out releases is deserving of respect, and i do respect them. However respect is a two way street, how can they demand we respect them when they don’t respect us?

Their holier than thou attitude loses all the respect i had for them. As i said in my original post, forcing anyone to join a forum to get downloads isn’t a good way to build a community. I understand that they want an active community (not to mention they want loads of applause for doing their work), however forcing people to join a forum, and to make posts, just leads to a high spam and pointless forum. Frankly I’d much rather be a member of a smaller and genuine forum, than one full of pointless trash, also those types of forums never last for long.

Contrary to what yesim says, NCIS do require you to sign up to their forum AND to make 10 posts before you can access their downloads.

Karura over at Azure Flame Reloaded sums up my thoughts on this perfectly: In short, someone who is illegally scanning and translating manga doesn’t really have much ground with which to feel superior to the leechers they are doing it for- and if you aren’t doing it for said leechers, don’t bother to even advertise the fact that you’ve made such a release for everyone to see.

There’s no way to restrict releases, no matter how you try. It’s simply a matter of time before its spread. NCIS a prime example, less than 3 hours after their latest release it was available on 5 of the manga download sites i frequent. The only way to restrict releases is to NOT to put them on the net. However once you start allowing people to access them (no matter how) its just a matter of time, usually a matter of hours, before its wide spread.

Edit: I was just asked in an email if i could provide a copy of the logs that NCIS posted about their conversation with Lurk. Took me a while to remember where i found them, and then to see if i still did have them. Luckily i do. So here we go, the two pages from a Nodame Cantible release:

00-l01 00-l02

As I said in the original post, these logs seem to be highly edited in showing NCIS as the victim. In all the years I’ve worked as an editor of manga scans (and ran my own group I’ve never had a problem with Lurk. I’ve found the staff their to be highly amenable and willing to listen to what i had to say.

Edit: As its been requested, I’ve decided to close the comments on this and the other topic.

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