My name is Marcus and i am the brother of Francis, who you all  know as Tiamat’s Disciple, the owner of this blog. As you know Francis has been fighting cancer for several years and was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Unfortunately this time around he was unable to fight it off, as it had spread to far to fast. He was rushed to hospital early tuesday morning and died at 2:48pm that afternoon.

As for the future of this blog, that will now be in the hands of of the host, Randall Fitzgerald of Dasaku.net. Though it is my hope he will leave the site up until it’s domain expires. When that happens the site will regrettably go off line.

Francis wanted to thank everyone who has supported his blog over the years and wished to say it has been a pleasure to talk with you all. Apparently his only real regret was never being able to attend one of the big american conventions and getting to meet some of you in real life.

All of the best for the future

Marcus Metcalfe




I have received an email from the host, Randall, offering to take over full management of the blog, including the domain management. I have decided to accept his offer, when I figure out how to do it.

When my brother was first diagnosed with cancer he was given months to live, during that time he got more and more into manga and became more of a prolific writer. Suprisingly he was able to beat off the cancer, and then again a second time last year.

His attitude towards things changed drastically as a result of being close to death twice. While it’s certainly true he had become more abrasive, and forceful, and yes at times he was an obnoxious sod, it was because he always said what he wanted to say and refused to compromise his views anymore. He once told me he was sick of pandering to what people wanted to hear, and decided it was better to just come out and say it. As a result he was frequently butting heads with people over issues he wrote about. However he never took these issues personally, and seemed to rather enjoy the fact that people would argue with him, rather than just agree to get the point dropped.

Over the past 8months this blog had become his life, more so since for a lot of the time he was bedridden, making here, and his twitter account, his main source of communication.

I can’t tell you what it’s like to read these comments and see that while my brother was a pain in the arse at times, there were people who liked and will miss him. I have to admit I was against him getting into manga and blogging, because I felt it would isolate him more, and I am pleased to see I was wrong to think that.

Thank you all for your comments, they have made me smile which is something I haven’t been able to genuinely do for many months.

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