Well, as you may have noticed posts here have been rather infrequent of late. This is due to a rather severe decline in my health and several extended hospital visits.

As things stand at the moment I’m having to give serious thought to either putting the blog into sleep for a while, or possibly closing it down completely. Since at the moment I don’t have the energy to do reviews after my hospital runs.

I’m currently looking at various options, including passing the blog onto someone else. It’s my hope (and fervent wish!!) that things will take a turn for the better over the next few weeks and I can once again start getting back into my frequent blog posts.

So, I’m sorry for not being as frequent with my updates, and will try to get at least 2 reviews a week from now on. But sadly it all depends on my state when I get home from hospital, lately I usually collapse on my bed and sleep for hours and wake up with a migraine and general yuckyness, but we’’ll see


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