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Nothing really to say about this volume, other than cuteness to the max!!

The cuteness of this series can not be underestimated!! It sooths even the hardest heart hehe.

The cover of this volume, like the previous one, is amazing. Bright, vibrant, alive, and showing off perfectly just how and what the story is about. I especially liked that the title and mangaka’s name weren’t over-powering.

The colour pull out is equally amazing, and again it shows off the cuteness of the series perfectly.

The art carries on being light an airy throughout the volume, and I love all the more the way the series feels. As I said in my volume one review the way Sirial balances the changing character designs works really well.

We get introduced to a couple of new characters this volume, and I’m a little torn. The first of them, the Chick Gang, just didn’t have any presence to me, and I’m hoping they aren’t going to be a recurring group.

The other though, the street cat, was perfect. The couple of stories with him in them were funny and engaging. I liked his character design, and his personality was refreshing and lively. I’m looking forward to seeing more of him in future volumes.

Story wise it’s impossible to really judge a series like this, since it has no story per say. Rather it simply follows the characters miss-adventures through their dally lives.

TBH I like this approach, given the large amount of seinen and josei titles I’ve been reading lately that are rather heavy on the story side, this makes for a nice change.

The other thing I like about this is that it’s perfect for kids to get into. It’s light and free flowing, and a perfect series to introduce younger kids to manga and manhwa.

I have absolutely no complaints in regards to Yen Press’ handling of this series. No guttering, a great translation, and excellent lettering and font choice. It was an excellently handled volume that’s a credit to the Yen Press team.

Needless to say this series makes my Essential Read List, I think most people can enjoy it simply for what it is. A funny, light hearted intermission read; as in a series you read when you simply want a break from thinking to much 😀

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