Firstly, we’re getting a new writer here at Tiamat’s Reviews. No longer will it be my insane rambling and waffling alone. Arashi is joining up as an author and will be doing both anime and manga reviews. Which is good, since I find it hard to get past the horrendous dubs a lot of the time.

Expect his first post up shortly, as well as his introduction post.

The other thing of note comes from Kurt Hassler of Yen Press. After they announced Gossip Girl as a new title to be released I asked him about the trend Yen seemed to be following of converting established novels into manga, he had this to say:

…from our inception, Yen has always intended to create graphic novel adaptations of popular prose work.  Taking works that have existing fan bases and doing quality adaptations of the material is a formula that works well in the Japanese market (you see it with properties like HARUHI and SPICE AND WOLF), and this is just a natural extension of that practice.  I’m reluctant to characterize these as our version’s of “OELs” — I was never particularly fond of that term to begin with — and I wouldn’t want to give the impression that we’re only interested in working with projects like this.  We are very interested in doing original works like Svetlana Chmakova’s NIGHTSCHOOL which we all love — and I think maybe Svet even won you over with that one?  That said, we have a very high editorial standard for such projects and are incredibly selective about what we green light.

Yes, though, I think you can certainly expect to see other adaptive works from Yen in the future.  We think they make a lot of sense and that they have the potential to bring a lot of new readers to graphic novels who might not otherwise give them a chance, and we want to keep doing our part to bring new eyes to the medium.

I think that says it all really don’t you 😀 The possibilities this open up are countless. Not to mention Hatchette have put out some of my favourite fantasy novels as a kid, who knows it now looks there’s a chance of rediscovering them as manga adaptations.

And he’s right , Svet’s Nightschool was the first OEL title I ever read that I was completely blown away by and am now a hard and fast fan of her work. I’ve since rediscovered some other titles like that as well but more of those later.

I’m really looking forward to Yen’s coming year, ad looking forward to seeing which titles they pick for adaptation

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