When I first read about this I thought it was funny, but the more I’ve read into it the more I’ve come to a conclusion. Spice & Wolf fans seem to be dominated by rabid idiots that need to be wiped out to preserve the gene pool!!

When Yen showed off the cover of the novel it was to mixed comments, most however didn’t like it and wanted the original japanese one back. Yen stated they would look into things and then offer a solution.

That solution came to light on the 20th in the form of a blog post on the Yen Press website. Yen stated that they were offering free, read that again FREE slip covers with the original art work on it, which I have to admit looks pretty awesome!!


I don’t know about anyone else buy I thought this was a good solution, everyone gets what they want. Unfortunately I seem to be in the minority here and the news post is full of almost nothing but complaint after complaint.

The vast majority of them seem to think the best solution would have been to just throw out all the novels that had already been printed and then reprint them with the cover art. Suuuuure yeah that’ll work, never mind it cost them tens of thousands of pounds to print them, sure they can just write it off no big deal right?

I have to admit that I’m not keen on the new cover design, but in my case it’s due to it not really conveying the novels content very well, that and the fact it got me asked if I was reading an erotic novel lol

Doing a second print run for the novel is completely out of the question and I don’t think any publisher would scrap an other wise fine version just to change the cover. Hell most publishers wouldn’t even bother giving a slip cover with the original design, and if they did they’d try and charge you for it.

What’s more the December issue of Yen Plus apparently has the cover as well, so even if you don’t have the book yet you get the new cover FOR FREE

What’s really surprised me however is the outrage on the blog post, with people stating they’ll never buy Yen Press titles again, and they’ll go back to fan translations etc etc. Which IMO helps no one, and is likely to piss off the groups doing the fan translations, and is likely to cause Yen to go after the fan translator. It’s one thing to be aware that fan translations are ongoing, and another to have fans come onto your blog and blatantly tell you they’re going to go with the fan groups.

I really don’t understand what all fuss is about really. Sure Yen made a big mistake with that cover for the novel, cause lets face it it’s bloody ugly, but they offered a free fix for it. They cant really do anything more can they, Jesus people get over it!!

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