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I’m in to minds over the series, on the one had I did grow to like it, but on the other it lacks several things. Also, I’m not sure what’s going on with the series publication wise.

Art wise this was an average series, very average. The characters themselves were fairly well drawn, though I found Ryuka to be a bit flat. That said I do like the cover, and for once I do like the text placement, it adds to the overall design.

Unfortunately the art is a bit lacking in the volume, and at times it’s just plain old crap. Though the reverse is also true, with some grate art as well.

Something I’ve noticed about yaoi titles is that they all seem to be drawn in the same airy style. I don’t like the style to much, and this time it looked especially bad, as Hyouta has tried to mix in other art styles as well. Unfortunately he’s not really very good with them.

Story wise, I got lost the first few times I read it through. It really doesn’t make much sense, and flows like treacle going uphill. However when I read it through the thirst time it made more sense. The fantasy RPG style elements are what held it back for me, they weren’t very well thought out or used properly.

However if you can get past that, the story does have some potential to be interesting.  That said the story writing is also a bit weak, and I found some minor issues with the way the story flowed.

If this was a stand alone volume I would have a serious problem with it, however Fujiyama states this is the first in a series. Though Yen Press so far only list this volume.

For once I don’t really like the colour panel in this volume. It looks a bit clunky and ugly. the cover is nice however, and grew on me.

As usual Yen include a glossary of terms, which is needed this volume as the mixes of words really does need some explaining. Though they don’t hinder the flow of the story so much, but understanding what something means is always good right 😀

Translation wise I didn’t spot anything wrong, but if I’m honest I no longer look for it in Yen’s releases because they have such a good team working on their releases.

There is some minor guttering, but nothing overly bad or annoying, and none that would lead to damaging the spine.

Overall I’m in two minds on this, on the one hand I didn’t really like this volume to much. However I saw hints of a good story in the making, and with the promise of others to follow, I’m prepared to wait to see if the story blooms into a good one. So for now I’m not going to give a recommendation. I’ll wait for the next volume.

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