About the Mangaka

Kaishaku is a duo team, Ota Hitoshi and Shichinohe Terumasa, they’re more notable for a number of series that have a large western following as anime. Most popular of those would be Steel Angel Kurumi and UFO Princess Valkyrie. They the creators behind the Kannazuki no Miko and Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora series as well.

About the Manga


I’m a huge fan of the anime, and when I learnt of the manga I became curious. However after reading the first volume I’m not so sure I want to read the rest now.

The cover art was stunning, and I have to admit really got to me. Not only was it glossy, but it was embossed as well so the girl seems more alive. Though I have to admit I’m none to keen on the border, it gives it a cluttered feel.

The colour insert, I wasn’t to keen on, while it’s well drawn, it lacks something resulting in a lack lustre picture that really doesn’t follow the cover image to good.

The manga art really went down hill after that, though I do believe part of the problem lies with DrMaster as well. Sadly they are only partially responsible, the art for this series has a rushed feel to it, which, with a cramped feel as well makes it hard to read and follow.

The character designs are another aspect of the series I found lacking, especially compared with the designs of the anime. While they’re essentially the same, the anime version has a fuller more polished feel to it than those of the manga.

The manga also over emphasises relationship between the siblings, almost to the point of being incest, though it does stop short of going to far. However I found the over use of the relationship a bit to heavy in the manga.

The story however is interesting, and anything that gives a novel twist to a classic fairy tale gets bonus points from me. And this is definitely a novel approach to the Alice in Wonderland story.

The manga story is rather fast paced, almost to fast with the characters being introduced very quickly in the first volume. At times I felt things were going to fast without giving the characters time to get ‘used’ to each other.

Sadly the big down side of this volume was DrMaster. When I bought the volume it was shrink-wrapped so I had no idea of the quality I was getting. The covers are astounding, a nice firm card cover embossed with the cover image and side flaps. One of the best covers I’ve seen since my Infinity Studio reviews.

Unfortunately that where all the money seems to have been spent. First off the volume is smaller than the average manga, which is a real issue later on. However the initial problem I have is the paper. It’s disgusting, cheap and has a scummy icky feel to it which really feels repulsive.

The translation seems to be fine, and I have to admit I don’t have an issue with it. They leave the honorific’s intact which is great. Though I found their explanation as to why they were leaving them in a bit insane.

Editing wise was a disaster. made worse by the size of the volume. Several times reading this volume I had to get my magnifying glass out (and no I’m not kidding) to read the text. Sure it’s not main text, but if you’re going to reduce it to the size where people need a reading aid to read it, why not remove it all together?

There was also some minor guttering, which usually wouldn’t be an issue, but with everything else it really irked me.

While the story has potential, I’m not sure I want to read the rest. Primarily because after reading this volume I felt the need to wash my hands the paper was that bad.

So, yes this goes on my Junk Pile list. Rather than read the manga go watch the anime, it’ll be more satisfying.

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