Well, it’s a lot sooner than I expected, but Yen have dropped their first title due to lack of sales. So, which one has been given the axe?

Sadly it’s my recently reviewed World of Quest that’s been dropped due to lack of sales. I wish I could say It was a surprise, but the truth it’s not. World of Quest has a lot of potential, and I really enjoyed the second volume. However the insane wait between volumes is crippling, kids change fads more often than they change their underwear, so for a series like this to really work you need to be knocking them out thick and fast. Otherwise they’ll just move on to other stuff.

Granted, working on a new series such as this, and doing it in full colour, can’t be easy, and trying to get them out in a timely fashion even more of a nightmare. However when dealing with kids you need to realise that time is of the essence.

With that said, I wish the best to Jason, and hope he finds another publisher soon, since I for one do hope to see future volumes.

On a related note, World of Quest premiered on the Cartoon Network UK on Sat 31st January. Though I’m not so sure the 1930 time slot is right for it, it’s a bit to late IMO. Hopefully the cartoon will prompt more sales.

Also a huge thanks to Jason for dropping me a line to let me know what’s happening.

Drop by Jason’s site and give him your support.

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