Many thanks to Yen Press for providing a review copy.

About the Mangaka

It’s really frustrating from a reviewers perspective at just how little information there is available, in english, for Korean Manhwa-ga. 

If you have any information on Ha SiHyun , please drop me a message through the Contact Me page.

About the Manga


I was disappointed with this volume, as the main meat of the story was cut short.

The start of the story was good, and I was really getting into the developments. As well as watching the beginnings of a love square.

Ha’s art across this volume was as good as the previous volume, though I think it’s lost some of it’s cleanness for some reason.

I have to admit that I’m really enjoying her art style, it’s nice and bold which makes it easier to read and follow. What’s more is that there is definite differences between the male leads, rather than all looking similar. They also all have clearly different names which just adds to the ease of reading.

The story this volume was pretty well paced, a bit of bitchiness between friends, a lovers spat, jealousy, and the introduction of a new character and love interest; it was all done with exceptional good pacing, which is great.

However where Ha fails this time is in the story itself. Almost right off we’re given some info in a artists note explaining how Daria gained some information, with a note saying there wasn’t enough pages to draw it.

Then at the end we’re given over fifty pages of side story and wasted art. What was the point of the side story? All those wasted pages? Surely it would have been better to shorten the side story and include the pages she said she didn’t have room for.

This was a disappointment for me, I don’t really like the way the info was just stuck in the bottom of the page, it looks sloppy and spoils the flow a bit.

Where she does get bonus points though is in the opening colour panels, in essence they’re a short omake, and bloody funny. It’s called “How to tame a girlfriend”, and it makes me laugh so hard because a friend of mine (who is a girl) says the same thing about taming her man hehe

She also gets bonus points for the cover, which is pretty nice, though not as good as some covers I’ve seen of late.

As always Yen Press did an exceptional job with this release. Colour panels were left intact and given nice glossy pages to make them look vibrant. Translation wise there was no issues with flow and consistency. Also for once there were no guttering issues this time around. I was able to read cover to cover without damaging the book.

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