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Sadly not a lot of info on Ohtaka Shinobu, Sumomomo was their first work, and are currently working on a series called Magi-Labyrinth of Magic.

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I’d be lying is I said I didn’t enjoy this volume, however that’s not to say that the volume was good. It was however a bit better than the previous volume….sorta….maybe.

First, the cover, I have to admit I do like the cover. It does an excellent job of capturing Momo. And lets face it, Momo is cute, when she isn’t jumping around begging Koshi to knock her up >.<

I really loved the colour insert this volume, it’s just so perfect. It captures Sanae perfectly. But then she is my favourite character out of the whole series :D

Right off the bat we get a shed load of ecchi art that just falls further and further into the gutter, but damn does it look good :D

The art for this volume is a bit better this volume, though it still lacks that special something that would make it look awesome. However it’s better because the chibi’s are almost none existent this volume, and Momo seems to have controlled her bouncing around like a kangaroo.

The sad thing is, Shinobu clearly has a lot of skill when it comes to drawing. This is proven both by the Covers, the insert colour pages, and more than a few panels. Even this volume has several panels that are drawn extremely well.

I understand that she probably wants to being a unique element to the series, to make it stand out from the crowd more. Though I’m not sure she chose the right method to do this.

The sad thing is, the story is unique enough to make it stand out from the crowd. And if Shinobu had allowed the story to be the selling point, and focused more on the being good, we’d have had a bloody excellent series.

That said this volume does introduce my favourite characters alter ego properly. Sanae makes her appearance as Horse Mask, and strips off to next to nothing for the fans hehe.

The story this volume is a bit stronger than the previous volume, though still a bit weak. The way the assassination attempts on Koshi are resolved are really weak. I was hoping for something more entertaining and interesting. Unfortunately it’s resolved over the span of a few panels.

Though we do get to what I’m guessing is the main plot of the series in this volume. Though it goes a bit fast, it was still interesting. Shinobu’s new characters are introduced this volume, the main bad guys (at a guess at least), and the first one we get is another loli styled character.

I don’t mind loli characters, if they’re used right. However this series seems to want to turn almost all of the girls into loli’s, which I think is to much.

All of that aside though, I am once again growing interested in this series and hope the next volume has more story to it, rather than semi nude fighting, or Momo bouncing all over the place begging Koshi for sex (which I find a bit disturbing rereading it now).

Yen Press did a fairly decent job with this volume, a good smooth translation that flowed well. A good selection of translation notes explaining the various cultural notes. And next to no guttering this volume. However they did fail a bit on the fonts and editing this time around. For the most part these were okay, however several times I found text miss-aligned and to small. They aren’t huge mistakes, but they are mistakes I don’t expect from Yen, hence they stand out more when they crop up.

As I said last review, this is a series that will never make my Essential Read List, however that’s not to say it’s not worth picking up if your after a bit….lot of mindless ecchi and cheesy superhero attack calling. And lets face it, there are times when stuff like that really works :D

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